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Building Green Homes for Our Future

“Building Green”…you see it and hear about it practically everywhere you go these days. But what exactly is “green building” anyway? Within the home building industry the basic concept is that the house has been designed and constructed in such a manner as to minimize its impact on the environment, protect the health of its occupants and utilize resources efficiently.

AZ Green Builder (AZGB) is a voluntary program developed by the Home Builders Association of Central Arizona to encourage the construction of production home subdivisions that exceed building code requirements for energy efficiency, water conservation, indoor air quality and the efficient use of resources. This regionally specific green building program allows builders to differentiate themselves from their competitors and enhance sales to home buyers looking to improve the environment and reduce energy and water costs.

Home buyers seeking homes built to a “green” standard will appreciate that AZGB provides a consistent set of minimum requirements that are incorporated into the construction drawings and verified by field inspection during construction of the home. Upon approval by the field inspector an Arizona Green Builder certificate is awarded to the completed home.